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Tans for Teens

About 2.3 million teens tan indoors every year

Sunny Outlook

Approximately 10% of Americans currently use a tanning salon franchise,, which is expected to rise

Tanning for Cash

Tanning salons are a $5 billion industry

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Tanning Franchises Industry Description


Tanning franchises operate retail locations that offer tanning machines for customers to use. Because people love to look their best, tanning franchises are able to ride out most economic bumps since it’s a relatively inexpensive personal luxury.

Who would my customers be?

The core demographic for tanning franchises is women over 30, though there are about 2.3 million teens who tan indoors every year, as well as a sizeable segment of males who tan regularly.


Because of the equipment necessary to open, tanning franchises tend to be on the more expensive side.

Sunny outlook

Tanning salon revenue is $5 billion annually, and approximately 10 percent of Americans currently use a tanning salon, with that number expected to rise.

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