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Vend On

The annual revenue generated by the vending industry is $64,350,000

Rise of the Machines

There are 4,640,000 vending machines in the U.S.

Cold Hard Cash

56% of vending machine sales are soda and other cold drinks

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Vending Franchises Industry Description


Vending franchises offer the opportunity to manage and profit from the operation of vending machines. These machines sell a range of products, from food and drinks to ATMs that dispense cash.

How hard is it to manage these?

Vending franchises are fairly inexpensive and can be managed part-time, requiring relatively little maintenance. These franchises can be easy to scale up by increasing the number of machines.

Where do I put the machines?

Choice of location is paramount for vending franchises—success will be largely determined by placing the machines in locations that have a steady customer base.

Cash is king

Vending franchises are primarily a cash business, so there are no worries about collection problems. Cash flow starts immediately, without the initial warm up period and time it takes for other franchisee industries to get started.

By the numbers

The annual revenue generated by the vending industry is more than $7 billion, and there are nearly five million vending machines in the United States. More than half of vending machine sales are sodas and other cold drinks.

Older than soda

The world’s first vending machine dates back to 215 BC, when the mathematician Hero created a device that would accept bronze coins in exchange for holy water from the temples of Alexandria, Egypt.

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