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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Questions and Answers with Anago Cleaning Systems

Q: What sets Anago Cleaning Systems apart from other cleaning franchises?


  • Available territories across the U.S. and internationally
  • 12 primary revenue streams
  • Most competitive royalty structure in the industry
  • Strong Item 19 in our FDD
  • Technology leader in the industry
  • Low franchise fee ($59K for most new U.S. Master Franchise territories)

Q: Can you tell us about the business model for an Anago Cleaning Systems franchise? How do your Master Franchisees make money?

A: The Anago Master Owner has the exclusive developmental rights to sell Janitorial or Unit Franchises in a defined territory. Simultaneously, the Master sells cleaning contracts, business to business, within the territory, and assigns them to those who purchased a Unit Franchise. The Master Owner is a white collar business executive, who is NOT in the cleaning business – he/she is in the sales & marketing business. The Master Franchise Model has 12 primary revenue streams. The Master collects royalty, administration, advertising and insurance fees for all janitorial contracts assigned to the Unit Franchisee. When the Unit wants additional contracts, above what was purchased in their initial program, the Master collects a commission fee, comprised of a down payment and note payment. The possibilities are endless!

Q: What is the current state of the cleaning sector within the B2B category?

A: The commercial cleaning industry is booming! It’s estimated at $100 billion annually in the U.S., with expected double digit growth. The Anago Master Owner will never run out of franchises to sell or businesses to clean. Even minimal market share translates to high revenue for the Master Owner!

Q: Can you describe the primary target customer for Anago Cleaning Systems?

A: Anago Master Franchise Offices clean any type of commercial property that requires nightly janitorial services, such as medical offices, banks, private schools, etc. They also provide one-time special services such as carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care.

Q: What are the most important things a prospective franchisees or employee should know or be prepared for when entering the cleaning industry?

A: The Master Owner must keep in mind that he/she is not in the cleaning business – he/she is in the sales & marketing business, and acts as the administrative office for its Unit Franchisees. The Unit Franchisees are in the cleaning business.

Q: Where do you see Anago Cleaning Systems going in the next five years?

A: Anago will continue to expand both nationally and internationally and remain on the cutting edge of the newest advances in our industry.

Q: Are there any changes you foresee in your industry?

A: The commercial cleaning industry will continue to evolve as new technologies relating to servicing clients are available.

Q: What are some common characteristics of your top performing Master Franchisees?

A: The top performing Masters have extensive sales and marketing experience, and have managed or mentored employees in previous employment roles. They also have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are very driven to succeed.

Q: What kind of training and support can your Master Franchisees expect to receive?

A: Anago Master Franchise Owners receive both initial and ongoing training to assist in developing their business. Onsite training at the Master’s location provides them with an education in all aspects of the business – from finding an office, using our proprietary software systems, hiring employees, selling franchises, to servicing accounts. Ongoing training includes support visits from Anago executives, annual sales and administration meetings, and updates on the latest cleaning techniques, products and equipment available. Anago also holds an annual seminar for Master Franchise Owners, for all to network and gain additional knowledge on company operations and new business practices.

Q: What kind of work background or skills set are you looking for in a Master Franchisee?

A: We are looking for mid to senior level executives with a strong sales and marketing background, and the ability to manage a highly motivated staff. The prospective Franchisee must also have the ability to recruit and direct highly motivated sales personnel. Industry experience is a plus but not required. Anago will teach the Master Owner everything they need to know.

Q: What are your growth plans for Anago Cleaning Systems? Which geographic markets are you targeting for expansion?

A: Anago has many available Master Franchise territories – we are targeting major metropolitan areas across the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to share about Anago Cleaning Systems?

A: There are currently over 35 Anago Master Territories in operation across the U.S. and internationally, with over 2,400 Unit Franchisees. Anago has been recognized yearly by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Franchises in the U.S. Franchise Business Review has also recognized Anago as tops in Franchisee Satisfaction. Anago is celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2014. For more information on the Anago Master Franchise opportunity, please visit our website at


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