Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

The Future of Franchising

The Future is Here! 

Chat GPT, AI, and even in franchises.  There are always new innovative ways to be improving technologically in the franchising industry.  Plenty of popular franchise brands have now created a zero human contact or interaction concept. This allows convince, safety to employees and customers and business profitability. 

Robotic Workers??? 

That's right!  Some franchise brands, like Bobacin, have started to use robotic baristas.  Bobacin is a Boba Tea restaurant concept that has kiosks to order boba tea creations.  Once these orders are placed, they created by a robotic barista!  This really is the future.  

Another example of zero human contact or interaction is Brooklyn Dumpling, which is a new up and coming franchise along with Bobacin.  Brooklyn Dumpling is a grab and go restaurant concept that offers your favorite diner staples crafted into dumplings!  Their technology allows you to order your dumplings through a kiosk, that are then delivered into an automat locater system that keeps food hot or cold, ready for you to pick up.  Talk about customer connivence! 

Plenty of brands have joined the futuristic trend with incorporating online ordering, apps, and kiosks. These help boost brand connection and creating an easier ordering process!  

These examples of innovative technology in the franchising industry are just the beginning of what is to come! The time is now to join the future of franchising. 

Rebecca Holmboe Marketing Manager
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80% of business owners fail because they don’t have the skill set, education, orexperience to run a successful business. DetailXPerts provides franchisees with thetraining, support, and marketing that they need to start and run a successful business. As the first franchise to implement this type of car wash concept, we’ve spent a greatdeal of money and time developing this system and are confident that our efforts will lead to further growth in our franchise.

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What Happens When a Franchise Contract Ends? Obligations Upon Termination

The franchise agreement should also address who gets to use the franchisee’s phone numbers after the franchise agreement expires. Traditionally, this right has belonged to the franchisor, but with home-based businesses becoming the norm, franchisors that allowed franchisees to use their home phones or existing cell phone numbers might have an issue regaining control of this component of their former franchisees’ business presence.