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Franchise is the nation’s #1 remote bedding retailer. Today, customers can search and shop online, call or via a 24-hour service center, enabling everyone to search for the right bedding at the right time. sells everything from box spring and bedding accessories to every kind of other mattress that one can think of. Today there are seven distribution centers across the U.S., from NY to Northern California. 1-800-Mattress services the U.S. as well as international customers.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$273,500 - $466,000
Franchise fee

Overview was founded in 1967 under the name Dial-A-Mattress, by Napoleon Barragan, who developed the idea while working in a furniture store. Beginning as a lowly operation in Barragan’s basement, Dial-A-Mattress quickly surpassed the original store that Mr.Barragan was working in. In 1979 the first Dial-A-Mattress commercial was aired and in 1988, began offering a toll free number at the bottom of their television ads. In 1994, Dial-A-Mattress went national and soon changed the name to 1-800-Mattress. In 2009 1-800-Mattress filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after creditors forced the mattress retailer to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (for a lack of debt payments). By the end of the year the company was auctioned off and was merged with their former competitor Sleepy’s. By the end of 2009 1-800-Mattress had become, the current name for the bedding provider. Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Franchise Income

The initial franchise fee to start up a location is based off of the total estimated population the desired region multiplied by $.30. For example, a territory with around 100,000 people will have an initial franchise fee of $300,000. The estimated total initial investment ranges from $273,500 to $466,000, excluding the initial franchise fee. All of the previous estimates are based off a minimum territory of 100,000 people. Other fees that requires include an advertising fee of $2,000 per month, the cost of initial training, which is either $1,000 or $2,000, minimum, depending on the number of people needing training in the first 12 months. Business Opportunities: Other Information

Founder Napoleon Barragan was awarded the Trendsetter Awards from Defing Trend Magazine in 2008 There is currently no other information available about at this time.

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