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10 Minute Manicure


10 Minute Manicure is an express beauty salon for women (and some men) on the go. In addition to manicures, locations offer pedicures, acrylic nails, massages, French polish, eyebrow waxing, and teeth whitening, to name a few. Each service has a specific duration ascribed to it so that busy customers know exactly how quickly they’ll be in and out of the building. To even better accommodate busy schedules, 10 Minute Manicure permits customers to walk in or schedule an appointment ahead of time.

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$164,033 - $546,700


Franchising options are open to people interested in starting a new business and those looking to transform an existing nail salon into a 10 Minute Manicure location. A franchise agreement lasts for five years and entitles the franchisee to training from the parent company. Although franchises are not given an “exclusive territory” agreement, care is taken to give each franchisee an “area of primary responsibility”.

10 Minute Manicure Franchise Opportunities - History

10 Minute Manicure was conceived by three women, Lorraine O’Neil, Vivian Jimenez, and Karen Janson, who realized that the market was missing a quick, commercial nail salon for business women and other customers on the go.

10 Minute Manicure Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / 10 Minute

Manicure Franchise Income

The average 10 Minute Manicure franchise costs total between $164,033 and $546,700. The initial investment ranges from $74,700 and $171,250. An ongoing royalty fee of 5% is applied to franchisees, plus an additional 2% of gross sales will go toward local advertising.

10 Minute Manicure Business Opportunities: Other Information

10 Minute Manicure locations thrive best in fast-paced environments like busy, crowded shopping centers. Airports are another key demographic for the business. Passengers looking to kill some time – but just a limited amount of time - before a flight love the convenience of a 10 Minute Manicure right in their terminal. Beyond providing nail service, 10 Minute Manicure also sells custom beauty products such as nail polish, lipstick, and travel spa packs.

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