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A Grande Finale

A Grande Finale Franchise

A Grande Finale was a gourmet bakery situated in Colorado. Serving fine desserts and pastries, A Grande Finale was perhaps most famous for its chocolate mousse cakes, though its Linzer torte was a hit with customers as well. A Grande Finale had a small, cozy storefront with delicious products and warm customer service. Coffee and tea were also available to purchase as the perfect beverage compliment to a sweet snack or croissant. To draw in customers, A Grande Finale would host wine and dessert events where visitors could sample the selection and, hopefully, become frequent buyers.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$125,900 - $237,800
Franchise fee


As of 2011, both A Grande Finale locations were closed. Therefore, it is unlikely that the previous owners are still offering franchise opportunities to interested parties. Be sure to search Franchise Help for other bakery franchises available for purchase instead.

A Grande Finale Franchise Opportunities - History

The first A Grande Finale opened in 1999 at the hands of pastry chef Nicole M. Hedlund, who trained at the Disney Culinary Academ. Franchising of the bakery did not being until 2007 and it does not appear as if any franchised locations opened, although the company did open a second location of its own in 2009.

A Grande Finale Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / A Grande Finale

Franchise Income

A Grande Finale had a franchise fee of $35,000 to $60,000 for a non-renewable agreement, although the total initial investment is between $125,900 and $237,800. Additionally, franchisees had to pay A Grande Finale an ongoing royalty fee of 5 to 6 percent. Currently, no figures are available as the franchise no longer exists.

A Grande Finale Business Opportunities: Other Information

Given that A Grande Finale never had a single franchise location open, it is difficult to state definitively what services the owners planned to provide to its franchisees. Whether there is a possibility for the A Grande Finale to be revived is unclear at the present time, but given the bakery’s track record, investors may want to consider other pastry franchises first anyway.


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