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At ActiveRx®, our focus on working with older adults separates us from traditional rehab and physical therapy practices. While there will always be a need for acute injury rehabilitation and treatment, being proactive about your health just makes more sense. It is far less time consuming, more effective and less costly than the traditional approach of doing nothing until “something needs fixing.” ActiveRx® uses evidence-based Best Practice approaches in all areas of service. If you have ever discovered that you cannot do the same things you used to do, you know why we established ActiveRx®. You don’t have to be a victim of aging! Enhancing your functional independence at ActiveRx® means being able recover the ability to do the things you want to do, and the things you need to do, and what you enjoy doing. Our own research and numerous surveys report that the greatest desire of older adults is to stay independent as long as possible. This is also the ultimate goal of our approach at ActiveRx®: avoiding disease, having a high cognitive and physical function, and engagement with life. At ActiveRx®, our positive, action-oriented approach to independence produces changes in both physical function and behavior that can lead to expanded interests and social networks, meeting new people and making new friends!

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


The ActiveRx Rehabilitation Franchise Program

With an ActiveRxRehabilitation franchise, you can be part of a greatly needed and quickly growing niche in the healthcare industry. And it could be the key to your future in independent business ownership.

A Uniquely-Focused Senior Services Franchise.

The concept behind the ActiveRxsenior services franchise was developed with the belief that adults over the age of 65 deserve to live active, independent lives and that time and care need to be restored into the delivery of healthcare services.

Using evidence-based evaluation and rehabilitation through physical therapy and medically-supervised exercise, ActiveRxhelps patients become stronger and more independent so they can prevent many of the most common later-life injuries and chronic conditions.

And, we do this while focusing on the personal goals and needs of each patient, spending the time needed to get to know each and every one, and creating customized treatment plans that include hour-long physical therapy sessions that are uniquely tailored for seniors.

Our elder rehabilitation and wellness franchise model is vastly different from the typical in-and-out, hospital-based, post-injury rehab setting.

Best of all, an ActiveRxfranchise is a perfect opportunity to create a caring and professional environment and to produce positive results with your own senior-focused physical therapy franchise.

To join the ActiveRxsenior rehabilitation franchise system, you don’t need to have a medical background. But you do need to genuinely care about the health and welfare of seniors and be motivated to do something meaningful and rewarding for your community – and your own future.

We are actively seeking qualified candidates who have the skills, the drive, and the capital to open multiple franchise clinic locations in their territories. Could this be you?

For more information about the many benefits of the ActiveRx__franchise program, both for patients and for franchise owners,click here__or contact us at 480.840.1460.

Meeting the Need... for Quality, Proactive Senior Care

ActiveRxis designed to fill a void in a large, vital, and yet underserved market -- the growing senior population with their desire to remain active and independent for as long as possible.

The current senior population and the expected explosion of adults in the U.S. over age 65 presents a tremendous opportunity for ActiveRxsenior services franchise owners. Baby Boomers who are already more aware of health and wellness issues and more proactive in their own care are an ideal—and continually growing—target market.

But different from other traditional elder care franchises that simply provide comfort and services to seniors who are already limited in their abilities, you can focus your efforts on providing preventive physical therapy treatment plans that help keep seniors active – and enable them to age as they choose.

Now is a great time to start and grow a senior rehabilitation business. For more information about the many benefits of the ActiveRx__franchise program, both for patients and for franchise owners,click here__or contact us at 480.840.1460.

Advantages of an ActiveRx Franchise

Join the highly experienced ActiveRxmanagement team in delivering wellness- oriented rehabilitation to our nation’s seniors.

At ActiveRx, we are committed to building satisfying, long-term relationships – with our patients and clients – and also with our franchise owners.

That is why we are committed to providing the support and tools franchisees need to deliver a consistent level of senior rehabilitation services to their patients.

Here is some of the professional support tools you receive when you join the ActiveRxRehabilitation franchise system:

  • Assistance with selecting and setting up your clinic locations
  • Expert advice on hiring professional medical staff and office support
  • Complete training at ActiveRxheadquarters and at franchise locations
  • Ongoing refresher training and periodic field support visits
  • A comprehensive operations manual
  • Access to the comprehensive ActiveRxManaged Care Network, which handles functions such as insurance contracts, Medicare claims, quality control, and payment processing
  • Access to our web-based back-office system for managing appointments, patients, treatments, and billing
  • Established supplier relationships you can leverage for equipment and inventory needs
  • Advice on local marketing and advertising techniques and community outreach
  • Guidance for networking with family physicians and other patient referral sources
  • …and much, much more.

Find out how you can join the ActiveRx__franchise program – and start making an impact in your community, as well as on your own future. For more information about the many benefits of the ActiveRxfranchise program, both for patients and for franchise owners,click hereor contact us at 480.840.1460.

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