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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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Advanced Window Tinting

Advanced Window Tinting Franchise

Advanced Window Tinting is pleased to offer the following details for your complete tinting requirements. Although most window tinting companies can also tint your vehicle, Advanced Window Tinting distinguishes itself by also specializing in the application of solar control, decorative, graphics and security films to all forms of architecture. In addition to solar control films, Advanced Window Tinting specialises in the application of safety films to full compliance with Australian Standards (AST 2208). Our trained staff can also advise you on the full range of penetration-resistant rated security films for residential and commercial premises, as well as blackout films which provide both for complete privacy and stencilled corporate and personal designs. Our trained staff will guide you through all of the steps involved in selecting and implementing your privacy film designs.

Facts & Figures


High Tech Window Tinting

The Problem

Learning to apply window film is not an easy thing to do. Tinting has been an art form that needs to be learned, until NOW!

The Solution

The FILM STAR system is a tool that allows the operator to remove the backing, measure the film and cut the film very quickly. When used with the other high tech tools you will be able to tint 2-3 times faster than your competition.

Easy To Learn

Using our easy to understand manuals and videos you will be tinting like a pro in a few hours. The FILM STAR now allows you to make a difficult job easy.

Ongoing Support

We are just a phone call away for any help you may need. All the vendors are also a phone call away with helpful people who can guide you through your needs. Yes, it's FREE.


The FILM STAR will handle all types and widths of film. The unit is lightweight, small in size, very durable and 100% mobile.

Huge Market

Most consumers think that tinting is what you see in a limousine. Tint comes in blackout to clear and everything in between. Every office building, home, hospital, restaurant, storefront and any piece of glass you see needs tint.


The FILM STAR has been developed by Jeff Spehar, a master tinter. Jeff has several patents to his credit and he and his wife Nola use the system every day. Units are in use today all over the world. Jeff's tools are used by hundreds of tinters all over the world.

Low Start Up

As with all Dale Group opportunities, we keep the cost as low as possible. Our goal is to teach you how to build your business so you come back and buy more equipment.


Q: | Are there really people who tint their windows? ---|--- A: | Yes, in fact there are some windows that are tinted and you don't even know it! If you look in the yellow pates you will find proof of your competition. Needs such as temperature control, UV protection, and even shatter resistance are just a few reasons why homes and businesses use window tinting. Q: | What about the competition? A: | Having our Advanced equipment puts you ahead of the competition right from the start. It reduces application time, waste, and risk from slippery backing, and thus removes excess cost to the customer, which is the ultimate goal. It also give your business more time for other jobs. Q: | Is window tinting seasonal? A: | Not really. You will do more residential work during the warmer months. Commercial work is year round. There is always plenty to do in such a lucrative market. Q: | What happens once I purchase? A: | Once we receive payment, we will contact you with a list of items to get started on. We will also send you your complete program along with all your tools and your 60-inch FILM STAR machine. Q: | Do I receive marketing/advertising materials? A: | Yes, you will receive a very comprehensive package of PRE-TESTED, successful, ad slicks that you can use to give an EXTRA boost to your business prospects. Q: | Will I need additional start-up capital? A: | Yes, you should have an additional $700-$1000 to set up the business. We will show you how to spend the money efficiently. Q: | Can I start part time? A: | Most definitely, if that is what you prefer. One of the perks of owning your own business is the flexibility it allows you to spend time with your family. Q: | How do I determine if there is a market in my area? A: | Just to show you how huge the market is for tinting, we have sold units in Montana. If they tint windows there, they tint in your area. Look in the yellow pages and call some of the competitors to see how they are doing. (Don't tell them you will soon be a competitor.) Get a phone estimate for your own home to get an idea what the going rate is. Q: | Can I tint all glass such as dual panes or skylights? A: | Most glass can be tinted with a few exceptions...skylights generally cannot be tinted. Q: | Where do I buy film? A: | There are a number of reputable distributors to whom we will direct you. We have used virtually all the major manufacturers and will only direct you to the BEST. You will be using only the HIGHEST-level products. Q: | How many types of film are there? A: | As with distributors, there are many different films. However, the majority of jobs use only a small range of films. We will direct you to the right film for the job. Q: | How do I know which film to choose for a job? A: | The manufacturers provide you with spec sheets and have customer service representatives standing by to answer any and all of your questions about choosing the right film Q: | How do I know what to charge for a job? A: | It is up to you and what your competition is charging. You want to offer the customer the best deal, but still be able to earn a good living. We will give you some simple guidelines to use. Q: | Do I need a contractor's license? A: | There are very few states that require a special license, and there are simple ways to accommodate this need (Specifically California). Call us to get more details. Q: | What about tint removal or costly mistakes? A: | You will learn some amazing tricks that Jeff Spehar has learned over the years to remove old tint quickly and efficiently. As for mistakes, hey, they happen, but not to worry, Jeff knows all the tricks to fix problems. Q: | My wife/husband wants to help in the business, can they? A: | YES, Jeff's wife, Nola, does most of the tinting for Jeff's company by herself. Q: | What will I learn? A: | In technical areas you will learn how to use the FILM STAR and its unique tools as well as film application, trimming technique, squeegee technique, glass surface preparation, film and waste management, auto tinting (seven hours of video instruction), and additional tool usage.

As for business experience, you will gain knowledge on estimating a job, film recommendations, marketing and advertising skills, proven ad slicks, office setup, presentation, money management, scheduling, portfolio building, and growth control (slow and steady wins the race). You will learn from over 20 years of experience, giving you an upper hand in the business.


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