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Alamo Drafthouse is a movie cinema franchise that distinguishes itself by offering a full menu and drink service inside the theatre. The seating is arranged with an aisle in-between the rows to accommodate waiter service. Orders are taken after a customer writes down their orders on a piece of paper and the cinema frequently matches food-themed movies such as Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs with corresponding dinner meals that are being featured on the screen.

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Alamo Drafhouse has been successful because of its commitment to freshly prepared food, local breweries and a zero-tolerance cell phone policy. The menu options include popular choices like hamburgers and pizza but also offers more gourmet options such as crème brulee; best of all, every item on the menu is freshly-prepared. Presentation is extremely important to the company and they strive to be leaders in quality. The Alamo Drafthouse is famous for having a strict policy that requires audience members to “maintain proper cinemagoing etiquette” that includes a strict cell phone policy and doesn't allow babies except during "baby day" screenings.

Alamo Drafthouse Franchise Opportunities – History

The Alamo Drafthouse was founded by Tim and Karrie League in 1977 on Colorado Street in the warehouse district of Austin, Texas. The first theatre only featured one screen and originally showcased second run titles at a discounted admission; however, within its first year of operation the venue caught the attention of many and became the host of various film premieres and visiting filmmakers. The Alamo Drafthouse currently has theatres throughout Texas and has begun expanding nationwide to New York, Virginia, Colorado and more.

Entertainment Weekly vote Alamo Drafthouse the #1 theater in America and it was called the ‘Coolest Movie Theater in the World’ by voted it ‘One of the Best Theaters in the Country.’ With these awards and the unmatchable movie experience at Alamo Drafthouse, it is no surprise that the brand is spreading quickly.

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