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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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Alkalign Studios

Alkalign Studios Franchise

Alkalign is a boutique, group fitness studio that offers highly effective and targeted strength, alignment, cardio and nutrition training to allow you to do everything else you love in life. We combine the best of yoga, pilates, barre and physical therapy exercises to offer you the safest and most effective way to get and stay fit. Alkalign is unique in that we focus on the health of the whole person and invest in our clients' well-being not just when they are in class, but for the longer-term as well.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$173,250 - $521,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation
Franchising Since

Own an Alkalign Studios Franchise - Questions & Answers

What is it?

  • A comprehensive barre fitness studio for adults of all ages
  • Strong emphasis on balance of fitness methods, to customize the best approaches for each client
  • Offers a range of fitness methods including strength training, yoga, barre, pilates and nutrition consultation
  • Caters to fitness-minded adults who prioritize good health in all aspects of their lives

How does it make money?

  • Fees paid for various membership packages
  • Direct payment for a range of individual fitness classes
  • In-store sales of apparel including hats, shirts, socks, temporary tattoos and much more

Who is it for?

  • Health-minded individuals who enjoy helping others become and remain healthy
  • Upbeat people who can inspire clients to push for optimal health
  • Franchisees who are comfortable managing multiple employees and many clients

What would you do as a franchisee?

  • Open a fitness studio with an emphasis on balance and customization of fitness plans
  • Work closely with an array of clients in determining the best path for their fitness
  • Hire and supervise teachers and fitness trainers as needed



Alkalign is a lifestyle. Our mission is to help people be the best version of themselves that they want to be. We are a boutique studio, offering high quality group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, healthy grab-and-go food on site, and so much more. Our supportive community lifts each other up. Our connections extend beyond the studio walls. We are a team of individuals. A family of originals.

We are looking to expand our franchise family so we can extend the Alkalign mission and positively impact as many lives as possible in communities around the globe.


  • Pay attention: Act with intention to communicate clearly and live with presence and purpose.
  • "Define your Alkalign" each day: Alignment is holistic and brings safety, strength and focus to all that you do.
  • Care: Become dedicated to yourself and to others. Always make yourself, our clients, and our brand as strong as it can be.
  • Have fun: Seek out joy and energy while creating it for others. Live your fullest life.
  • Always move forward: Challenges feed us and we are hungry learn. Forever grow, evolve, discover and adapt.
  • Believe that we are greater together: Our community is our family. Be warm, respectful, and collaborative.
  • Be honest: Accountability lets us respect ourselves and those around us. Always be proud of what you do and say.
  • Help others transform: We nourish one another through encouragement and support and we can expect it from those around us.


We work very closely with our franchisees to set you up for success and to support you throughout your Alkalign journey.


"Each time I go to Alkalign I know without a doubt that I will feel better physically and mentally. Erin and her instructors are extremely knowledgeable about alignment and how to push and challenge me to take my workout to the next level. I can't imagine what I'd do without a positive influence like this, and I can't wait to see what's next at Alkalign!!" - CYNTHIA N.

"As a lifelong athlete, I was never one for exercise classes. That all changed when I met Erin. Now Alkalign is a staple of my week - it protects my body from injury and shapes it in a way that decades of running and biking never did. And it's not just the workout that makes Alkalign unique, Erin goes above and beyond when it comes to building a healthy and happy community." - ALICIA S.



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