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American Male is a salon dedicated to the fashion and hairstyling concerns of men alone. Men everywhere need haircuts, and American Male is supplying a growing number of men salon services with a masculine touch. American Male Salons are geared for strictly male services and are aimed at attracting the men who feel awkward going to coed salons and feeling out of place while waiting for their haircut. American Male caters to the male ego and provides them with an atmosphere specially created for them.

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Be a part of the fastest growing segment of the salon industry... MEN. American Male salons are the total grooming experience!

Men everywhere need haircuts, and American Male salons cater specifically to men's grooming needs. We offer haircuts, hand and foot detailing, facials, camouflaging, massages and other services - all with a masculine touch. American Male salons are in a class by themselves - offering TV's, complimentary beverages and a place you can call your own with style and confidence. This unique salon experience is what brings men back time and time again.

Own an American Male salon franchise and become a leader in this trend. American Male salons are on the move and will be coming to your neighborhood soon. We are on the look-out for organized professionals to become part of our salon franchise network.

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