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Amplifon International is one of the world’s biggest names in hearing aid sales. In North America, Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers is the primary provider of four giants in hearing services: Miracle-Ear, the Elite Hearing Network, Sonus, and HearPO. Millions of Americans rely on these services to improve their hearing. Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers hire the best audiologists in the business and provide them with the latest auditory technology. Despite the best service, Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers is also able to offer lower pricing. Overall, Amplifon Hearind Aid Centers has more than 4000 locations in the country.

Full Franchise Information

To be clear, Amplifon itself is not something that can be franchised. It is the parent company to other businesses like Miracle-Ear and Sonus, which CAN be franchised. To start a hearing aid franchise, learn more about the smaller companies and contact Amplifon to learn more about the specific process.

Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers Franchise Opportunities - History

Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers began in 1999, with the specific purpose of strengthening Miracle-Ear, a trusted name in hearing aids since 1948. After finding success with Miracle-Ear, Amplifon also joined forces with other companies in the hearing aid field like Sonus. By 2004, Amplifon began franchising its subsidiaries.

Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers Franchise Income

With different specific businesses under the Amplifon parent company to choose from, the money needed to franchise obviously varies. Generally speaking, however, a franchise fee for Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers ranges from $30,000 to $55,000, depending on which business is chosen, for a non-renewable agreement. The total initial investment is generally between $74,000 and $219,500.

Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers Business Opportunities: Other Information

The majority of Amplifon Hearing Aid Centers are located in Wal-Mart stores, thus situating itself in area with high traffic and partnering itself with a national leader in retail. Franchisees are encouraged to find creative ways to maximize their exposure to the public.

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