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About AmState Real Estate Office

AmState Realty has quickly become the fastest-growing real estate franchise in the U.S. The company gives real estate agents financial rewards on a monthly basis to recruit others, ensuring a more motivated and productive work force. There is lower turnover because AmState offers comprehensive training to the franchise owner and staff, offered monthly in corporate headquarters in Cape Coral, Fla. Licensing is available with no money down, and orientation includes recruiting systems, location identification and grand opening planning.

Full Franchise Information

AmState Realty is one of the fastest-growing real estate franchises in the U.S.

AmState Realty Franchise Opportunities - History

AmState Realty began in 2007 in Cape Coral, Fla.

AmState Realty Franchise Cost / Investments

At present, these figures are not publicly available.

AmState Realty Business Opportunities: Other Information

AmState is currently developing a unique and progressive Back Office Management Software that will help simplify office administration, providing the ability to grow an office to 200 agents. The company’s mission is to be the real estate office of choice for a new generation of broker/owners and agents.

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