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About Apartment Movers etc.

Apartment Movers etc. was founded by Kim Swanson who previously operated a moving truck rental business. After hearing to numerous complaints about the high costs of movers and other problems, Swanson created Apartment Movers etc. to help solve the complaints of his customers and to offer them a comprehensive package which included movers as well as the trucks to move the furniture and other appliances in. The company specializes in smaller scale moves such as residential moves as well as small scale office commercial moves. The company has successfully operated since 1995.

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When customers would rent moving trucks from Kim Swanson's company, they would often complain about the amount of money, time and damage it cost them. Seeing the need for an affordable moving company, Swanson founded Apartment Movers Etc. in 1995.
The company specializes in smaller moves for both commercial and residential customers. Apartment Movers Etc. can handle complete moves or transport just one item.

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