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About Aqua Pro Residential Enhancement Services

Aquapro is a business concept that services the residential power washing and contracting market. This is a solid franchise opportunity with a sustainable competitive advantage ready for the franchisee; (1) patent pending multi revenue stream “Gadget Truck”, (2) internet based operating platform, (3) proven marketing program.

Full Franchise Information

Our approach focuses on the roof, every home has one. Homeowners are much more likely to service the roof as opposed to replacement. Every home and roof needs to be power washed and serviced. After washing, our inspection process uncovers other upselling opportunities. Once a total solution is provided, the final sale is an annual service plan creating stable revenue growth for the franchisee.

Business System Features

  • System edges out competition in neighborhoodsAqua Pro 1
  • System eliminates bidding and multiple quotes
  • System is differentiated toward high quality, and convenience
  • System creates future revenue expansion
  • Need Based, recession resistant
  • Quick Ramp up-High margins
  • Low investment
  • Home based
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Few or No Employees
  • No Prior industry experience needed
  • Big Hit Opportunities
  • Very Large Stable Multi Billion Dollar market
  • Regional Developer opportunity


Exclusive Patent Pending Protected Technology/Intellectual Property

  • Aqua Pro 2The Aquapro “Gadget Truck” is the only system that allows the franchisee to simultaneously perform several related machining services to a home. The Gadget Truck performs these services with such efficiency and precision that less labor is needed to accomplish more work. The cost of producing services is thereby lowered dramatically allowing for greater margins. Service quality is very high and extremely uniform.
  • Crew and truck performance are remotely monitored in real-time via the Aquapro App.
  • Brand name appearance and website


Market DominationAqua Pro 3

Aquapro’s business model is built around service manufacturing. When services begin in a neighborhood, more and more homeowners’ purchase, and a multiplier effect is created. This multiplier effect, within a housing association, eliminates competition and creates a micro monopoly pricing structure. As a result, homeowners are less likely to consider other competitors and prices may rise as more purchase

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