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Arthur Rutenberg Homes Franchise

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About Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Arthur Rutenberg has been building homes in Florida for more than 50 years. The company’s award-wining portfolio includes some 80 designs, more than 350 different elevations, and a range of styles. Small wonder he’s recognized as the dean of Florida home design. Programmed growth continues in South and North Carolina. Recent growth has included rapid expansion into Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee, further strengthening the Arthur Rutenberg Homes network and brand.

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Image titleCustom homes account for a quarter of the United States’ single-family market and more than 40 percent in some regions. These residences earn many builders a premium, not just in pricing and margin, but also prestige. With more than three decades in the business, few companies know this better than Arthur Rutenberg Homes. That’s why custom builders looking to achieve a new level of growth turn to our proven franchise program.

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Be in business for yourself, not by yourself

Companies serving custom home buyers tend to be small. According to Census research, less than 2 percent of custom builders generate more than $10 million in annual revenue. Many of these businesses have limited resources. As a result, private home builders with the tools and market reach of a larger organization enjoy a substantial competitive advantage over their peers.

An Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchise combines the experience, passion and local market knowledge of independent builders with the business systems, architectural talent and proven marketing strategies behind one of the country’s most respected brands. These tools open the potential for growth well beyond what many entrepreneurs could realize on their own. Here are just two examples from among more than 40 building companies now operating under our industry-leading program:

Image titleJeff Logsdon, owner of Hearthstone Luxury Homes in Raleigh, NC, left his position as an executive at a large home builder to start a business of his own with an Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchise. Despite creating Hearthstone in 2010 during the downturn, it has grown consistently each year since inception, selling $17.6 million in new homes in 2015.

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Bruce Pasquarella, owner of American Eagle Builders in Greenville, SC, joined Arthur Rutenberg Homes after operating his own building company for 10 years. When Bruce joined in 2012 during the depressed housing market, he had only one employee. In 2016, his team has expanded to 13 people and his sales will reach $14 million.

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Why it works

People want great, functional design that they can see, experience and modify, and our model homes deliver that design. Potential buyers who step inside one of our models experience first-hand the elegance, drama, functionality and craftsmanship that underlie Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ reputation for quality. Each is professionally furnished and staffed with a highly trained Sales Team knowledgeable of our collection of the industry’s best plans. These assets, coupled with our ability to customize and price homes in just 72 hours, can take franchise owners to a level well beyond that of their custom builder competitors. With more than 20,000 homes sold to date, our sales process focuses on the things buyers value most – design, personalization, rapid pricing and service.Image title

Who we reach

Our expansive Design Collection and model home network cater to discerning buyers, whether families, empty nesters, retirees or single professionals who desire an unmatched custom home value. The buyers we reach also include Baby Boomers, who represent a fourth of the U.S. population and are nearing their peak years for a second home purchase or retirement.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes offers the flexibility to build on a wide range of property that includes customer-owned lots, infill or in-town sites, and master-planned communities of all sizes. In fact, community developers welcome our model homes and are typically eager to work with our well-respected franchises. Few competing builders can present such a diverse range of choices to potential buyers.

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Who makes a good fit

Growing Builders: You’re already in business and eager to take your existing custom home building company to the next level.

Entrepreneurial Executives: Your knowledge and career ambition have earned big returns for companies in the home building industry. Now you’re ready to earn big returns for yourself.

Talk to one of our Group Vice Presidents to find out if an Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchise can build on your success.

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