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Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company, also known as Barnie’s Kitchen is a coffee house that is dedicated to providing delicious coffee that is quality made and fair trade. Besides coffee, Barnie’s Kitchen is also known for its hand-crafted hot chocolate and jewelry. Barnie’s Coffee and Tea is in the United States and in some non-US territories. There are opportunities for coffee lovers that want to share the Barnie’s Kitchen quality experience with their neighbors.

Full Franchise Information

Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company is a privately held franchise.

Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company Franchise Opportunities - History

Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company was founded and remains near Orlando, Florida. It began in 1980 as a coffee and tea house serving only the highest quality of coffee and tea. Its founder Barnie “Phil” Jones is no longer with the company. Barnie’s Coffee and Teas became a staple in malls throughout the United States and continue to thrive with the addition of foods and hand-crafted jewelries in stores throughout the country. Franchises of Barnie’s Coffee and Tea often thrive and some have been in existence for over 20 years.

Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company Franchise Income

The capital required to open a Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company franchise is $250,000. This initial investment also includes the 20,000 franchise fee. There are no marketing costs built into that initial fee, but if you pay an additional $5,000 you can receive exclusivity in your area that is eligible to be earned back upon location’s success.

Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company Business Opportunities: Other Information

Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company is well-known worldwide for its premium blends of coffee. Stores are available to be built upon certain locations, often within or as outlaying mall stores. There are store architects that will set up each Barnie’s Coffee and Tea to ensure comfort for customers and ideal layout for employers and employees. Barnie’s Coffee Tea Company is also known for its commitment to excellence in service and for being a fair-trade coffee provider.

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