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Bee & Tea

Bee & Tea Franchise

Introducing Bee & Tea, the franchise that brings a refreshing twist to your everyday beverage experience. With a vibrant array of handcrafted drinks, ranging from signature bubble teas to flavorful fruit infusions, Bee & Tea has become the go-to destination for tea enthusiasts and flavor adventurers alike. Our commitment to using only the finest, natural ingredients ensures that every sip is an explosion of taste and satisfaction. Step into our welcoming atmosphere, where friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you through an exciting menu tailored to your preferences. Whether you're craving a classic milk tea or seeking a unique combination, Bee & Tea offers endless possibilities to delight your taste buds. Join the buzzing success of Bee & Tea and quench your thirst for success in the thriving world of beverages.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$147,500 - $287,100
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Bee & Tea Franchise History

The Bee & Tea franchise has a rich history that dates back to the early 2000s. It all began when two childhood friends, Lisa Thompson and David Chen, discovered their shared passion for tea during a backpacking trip through Asia. Inspired by the vibrant tea culture they encountered, they decided to bring a taste of it back home to the United States.

In 2004, Thompson and Chen opened their first Bee & Tea shop in a small suburban neighborhood. The concept was simple yet innovative: offering a wide variety of freshly brewed teas, both hot and cold, with a focus on using high-quality, organic ingredients. They also introduced the concept of "tea mixology," blending different tea flavors and infusing them with natural fruits, herbs, and spices.

The unique and refreshing beverages quickly gained popularity, and Bee & Tea expanded rapidly across the country. By 2010, the franchise had opened over 50 locations, attracting tea enthusiasts and curious customers alike. The success was attributed not only to the exceptional quality of the teas but also to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the shops, designed to promote relaxation and social interaction.

In recent years, Bee & Tea has continued to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences. They introduced a line of signature boba teas, capturing the growing trend of bubble tea in the United States. Furthermore, the franchise has expanded its menu to include a variety of healthy snacks, light meals, and desserts to cater to a wider customer base. Today, Bee & Tea stands as a beloved franchise known for its commitment to exceptional tea experiences and a place where people can gather, sip, and savor.

Bee & Tea Franchise Business Opportunity

Bee & Tea franchise presents a truly compelling and insightful business opportunity in the ever-expanding market of specialty beverages. As the demand for unique and health-conscious refreshments continues to soar, Bee & Tea stands out with its irresistible combination of premium loose-leaf teas and exquisite honey-based concoctions. By embracing the latest trends while staying true to traditional flavors, Bee & Tea has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry. The franchise not only offers a refreshing product lineup but also provides comprehensive support to its franchisees, from initial setup and training to ongoing marketing and operational guidance. With Bee & Tea, aspiring entrepreneurs can tap into a flourishing market and embark on a fulfilling journey backed by a brand that exemplifies innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Join the Bee & Tea family today and witness your entrepreneurial dreams take flight!


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