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Beef O'Brady's

Beef O'Brady's  Franchise

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is a full service family restaurant and pub. Each location has a game room for kids, a bar for adults and a full menu of food options. Beef 'O' Brady's is ideal for someone looking to be hands-on as they do not allow absentee ownership.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$806,600 - $1,288,125
Franchise fee
Units in operation
Franchising Since

Own a Beef O'Brady's Franchise - Questions & Answers

What is it?

  • A full service restaurant and pub serving families as well as sports lovers
  • Each location offers a game room for the kids, full bar for adults, and a menu emphasizing variety and value

How does it make money?

  • Traditional restaurant business model

Who is it for?

  • Someone who wants to be a hands-on owner/operator. Beef O'Brady's does not allow absentee ownership
  • Someone who agrees that building a loyal, repeat customer base is a competitive advantage. Beef's franchisees cultivate relationships with local youth and adult athletics, schools, and community organizations
  • As a full service restaurant and pub, there are location and build-out costs, so the investment required is substantial

What would you do as a franchisee?

  • Unlike some other food franchises, you'll be fully involved in the daily operations at your Beef O'Brady's
  • You'll manage a team that prepares and serves the food, while you grow the business success of your franchise


Our History

In 1985, Jim Mellody dreamed up the idea of a neighborhood pub where friends and families could gather to enjoy good food and sports in a fun, comfortable atmosphere. Together, with his wife Jeanette, they embellished the Brady family name and created the now-famous Beef ‘O’ Brady’s®. Their first restaurant opened in Brandon, Florida. The regulars quickly nicknamed it “Beef’s®.” Since 1985, the Beef’s® system has grown and evolved into the strong network of support it is today.

At the heart of every Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® franchis e is a commitment to the community, a commitment that sets our franchise apart from other models. Our business model is unique and it starts with our Brand Positioning - “Game Time Meets Family Time.” Beef’s® is a full service casual restaurant that caters to families and sports fans. Beef’s® provides a game room for the kids entertainment, a full bar for adults, and a menu with great variety and value. Beef’s® is a fun place to enjoy a great meal with your friends & family and watch your favorite team on our hi-def TV’s.

Commitment to the Community

Successful Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® owners become intimately involved in their local community. They sponsor spirit nights for local schools, feed baseball and softball teams and are generally considered to be the “mayor of their community.” Their connection with the community becomes a competitive advantage. Research shows this community connection resonates well with customers.

Each franchisee works with adult and youth athletics, local schools, and community organizations to create a sense of community. When you own and operate your own Beef’s®, you are able to build your business while contributing to the betterment of the community through school sponsorships, charity involvement, and sporting events.

Owner Operator Concept

We are an Owner Operator Concept and prefer to partner with owners who will be personally involved in the day to day operation of the restaurant and become intimately involved in their local community; this connection becomes a competitive advantage.

Training and Support

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Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® offers a comprehensive suppor t program for its Franchise Partners.

Training Our program combines in-restaurant and classroom training. Franchise Partners can also attend a new restaurant opening at another location prior to their own opening. We also offer our MVP on-line training videos for ongoing support.

New Store Openings A New Store Opening team assists with the opening of each restaurant. The team works with the front-of-the-house crew, back-of-the-house crew, and franchisees. The New Store Opening team provides support to train the crew members and assist in a smooth opening of the restaurant.

Operations Each Franchise Partner will also work with a Regional Franchise Consultant (RFC). Our RFCs are available to consult with franchisees on all aspects of building the business.

Marketing Marketing Field Managers (MFM) work with franchisees to help drive sales in the restaurants. Our RFCs work together by markets to provide aligned services specific to the needs of the Franchise Partners.

Franchise Advisory Committee All franchisee are represented by the franchise advisory committee. The FAC works closely with corporate to ensure the franchisee’s point of view is considered in all major decisions.

*There is a marketing fund fee of 2.3%


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