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Ben Franklin Crafts

Ben Franklin Crafts Franchise

Ben Franklin Crafts is a nationwide chain of crafts-related variety stores carrying creative products related to a broad array of crafts, such as needlecraft materials, florals, wicker, paints, fabrics, and yarn. The stores also offer services such as custom framing, crafts classes, and the Ben Franklin Crafts Club. Some Ben Franklin Crafts stores feature an in-house framing shop for handling projects big and small and the Ben Franklin, Crafts Club offers in-store demos and classes. More about the cost of owning a Ben Franklin Crafts franchise is below.

Facts & Figures


Ben Franklin Crafts stores are part of the most prominent family of independently owned retail stores in the nation, under the same umbrella company as Ben Franklin Variety stores, which carry an array of household items, sundries, food and snacks, health and beauty aids, and much more. Each Ben Franklin store is independently owned and operated. Ben Franklin Crafts and Variety stores are owned and franchised by Promotions Unlimited Corporation. Participating franchises must be at least 5,000 square feet, with at least 2,500 square feet devoted to Ben Franklin merchandise.

Ben Franklin Crafts Franchise Opportunities – History

Ben Franklin Variety and Crafts stores were started in 1877, as a mail-order business in Boston, by the Butler Brothers, George H. Butler, and Edward Burgess. In early 1927, the Butler brothers developed the Ben Franklin Stores brand, a chain of five and dime variety stores. Butler Brothers sold the chain in 1959. Though the original Ben Franklin Stores company filed for bankruptcy in the 1970s, the supply company Promotions Unlimited has continued franchising the stores under the Ben Franklin brand name. Today there are about 209 Ben Franklin Crafts stores operating as franchises.

How Much Does A Ben Franklin Crafts Franchise Cost?

Crafts Franchise Income

Ben Franklin Crafts stores franchise licensees pay an annual fee to Promotions Unlimited of $2,340, which is waived if the franchisee orders more than $30,000 in purchases from Promotions Unlimited in that year. Retailers who buy more than $60,000 in merchandise in a year get a 1% rebate.

Ben Franklin Crafts Franchise Business Opportunities: Other Information

Ben Franklin stores were named after Benjamin Franklin, taking his famous saying, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ as their marketing theme.


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