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Bertucci's Restaurants

Bertucci's Restaurants Franchise

Bertucci’s is a chain of sit-down restaurants specializing in Italian food, particularly its brick oven pizza, with every pie having a single, signature olive at the center. Although Bertucci’s began as a pizza-only restaurant at its inception, Bertucci’s now offers a full Italian menu complete with appetizers, soups, salads, pastas, chicken, seafood, and other entrees. The quality of pizza has not been lost in this expansion, however: Bertucci’s restaurants are some of only a small amount of American restaurants that serve certified Neapolitan pizza. Bertucci’s often designs dishes that are meant to be shared to add to the restaurant’s familial, communal atmosphere. Bertucci’s places emphasis on selecting fresh, flavorful, and seasonal ingredients. The menu is constantly growing and changing to offer customers the best, most delicious meals.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


Bertucci’s is not franchising at this point, but is considering it for the near future. People interested in starting a Bertucci’s franchise should contact the corporate headquarters in Northborough, Massachusetts with any pertinent details. When Burtucci’s begins to franchise, they will contact those who previously expressed an interest.

Bertucci’s Restaurants Franchise Opportunities - History

Bertucci’s Restaurants was founded in Somerville, Massachusetts in 1981 by Joe Crungale, an immigrant from Italy. In no time, the chain had locations around the Northeast, eventually expanding all the way down the east coast to Florida. In 1998, N.E. Restaurant Co. Inc. purchased Bertucci’s, and within a few years took on the name “Bertucci’s Co.” for itself.

Bertucci’s Restaurants Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Bertucci’s

Restaurants Franchise Income

Since Bertucci’s is not currently franchising, there are no estimates for these figures. More information will become available when Bertucci’s takes additional steps toward franchising.

Bertucci’s Restaurants Business Opportunities: Other Information

Bertucci’s ensures that customers keep coming back by taking their comments and feedback seriously. Bertucci’s restaurants also offer gift cards and an email club with special promotional offers to pull back in customers to try something new.


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