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Big League Barbers is a sports-themed chain of barbershops operating throughout the United States, though mostly concentrated in the northeast. Big League Barbers is all about premium service, providing professional salon service specialized for men along with a great experience. Customers are immersed in a sports atmosphere from the waiting area, which always features a big-screen television; to the walls, which are covered in jerseys, signed posters, and other memorabilia; to the personal television available during their hair cut.

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Big League Barbers was founded in 1992 by Roy Lancaster when he couldn't find a decent barbershop for himself and his son. He traveled the country, surveying the effects of nearly half of barbershops closing between 1980 and 1990. He found the men's hair care market to be an open playing field and has been gaining market share ever since. Market Campaigns

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The waiting area provides customers with retired box seats from sports stadiums.

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