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Big O Tires is one of the world's largest sellers of automobile tires. It also offers many automobile maintenance services and high-quality automobile care products that are designed to offer long-term value to value-conscious motorists. Most of these products and services are offered in stand-alone stores that are located near malls, grocery stores and other high-traffic places.

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Big O Tires offers highly motivated franchisees a comprehensive business plan that focuses on building customer loyalty by offering high-quality tires, superior automobile maintenance services and outstanding customer service. The plan achieves these results by using modern inventory counting techniques, comprehensive employee programs and scalable advertising programs that are designed to quickly develop long-term relationships with value-conscious motorists who value high-quality automobile products and superior customer service. This business plan works in many cases because it offers highly motivated franchise owners who enjoy working with automobiles an efficient way to build a profitable business that has a lot of room for future growth.

A Brief History of the Big O Tires Franchises:

Big O Tires began offering franchise opportunities to United States residents in 1963. Most of the earliest Big O franchises sold tires and automobile care products near automobile maintenance shops. Big O Tires later added franchise opportunities that offered automobile maintenance services in the 1980s. Big O Tires now supports at least 360 franchise owners who help motorists find tires and automobile maintenance services that are a great value.

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