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Big Picture Framing is a custom picture framing franchise which was launched in 2000. Barry and Bob launched chain of frame stores in Boston stressing design, quality, selection, price, and On Demand service. To back up their programs, Bob and Barry give their customers a guarantee on all custom framing. Needless to say, the solutions Bob and Barry brought to their customers met with immediate success. Now, Big Picture Framing customers can get their custom frames when they want it, at a price below the competition, and be assured that everything is unconditionally guaranteed. With four stores, proven successful marketing programs and well-established operational techniques, Bob and Barry are expanding through franchising trying to reach vast untapped markets.

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Over the years, we have successfully developed and implemented a retail method and structured sales and marketing programs for picture framing and ancillary products that generate higher sales than industry averages.

And, over the years we have devised extremely effective systems of identifying and reaching potential customers and making sure they are 100% satisfied all the time.

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