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Bimbo Bakeries


Bimbo Bakeries is a leader in bread and baking companies in the United States. Bimbo is proud to own and distribute many brands, including Arnold, Ball Park (buns), Bimbo, Boboli, Brownberry, EarthGrains, Entenmann’s, Francisco, Freihofer’s, Marinela, Mrs Baird’s, Oroweat, Sara Lee, Stroehmann, Thomas’s, and Tia Rosa. Bimbo Bakeries’ state mission is “to nourish, delight, and serve America – every meal, every day.”

Facts & Figures


Bimbo franchisees are distributors. They are responsible for delivering and promoting fresh Bimbo products to nearby stores. Therefore, all potential franchisees must have a delivery truck and valid insurance to run their businesses. Opportunities to become a distributor are currently available only in certain states, primarily located in the South-to-Midwest and the Northeast.

Bimbo Bakeries Franchise Opportunities - History

Bimbo Bakeries has had a long history in Mexico as “Grupo Bimbo.” Its American presence began in 1996, however, when Bimbo began to acquire leading bakery companies throughout the country. Now, Bimbo is pleased to distribute the finest bread and baked goods to stores in all areas of the country.

Bimbo Bakeries Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Bimbo Bakeries

Franchise Income

The costs of becoming a franchisee and distributor are not specified by Bimbo. Often times, new distributors purchase territories from existing Bimbo franchisees, thus prices are determined by the seller, not Bimbo. Additionally, Bimbo does advises its franchisees to factor in the cost of a delivery vehicle and gas, insurance, tax and bookkeeping, and a handheld computer. Bimbo Bakeries offers resources for assistance to take care of these areas of the business on its website.

Bimbo Bakeries Business Opportunities: Other Information

In 2008, Bimbo Bakeries unveiled its Innovation & Nutrition Institute in Fort Worth, Texas to further its commitment to helping its customers be healthy. Additionally, Bimbo Bakeries is unrolling initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more environmentally thoughtful company. Looking forward, Bimbo hopes to dominate the baking industry in America by 2015, becoming a strong, well-respected company in the industry.

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