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Blind Man of America is a franchise creating custom-made blinds, shades, shutters and window decorations that are created according to the customer’s taste, decor and aesthetics. The company is unique because it operates using a home-based showroom in order to provide the greatest convenience to its customers. Creating both internal and external window decorations, the appeal of Blind Man of America is blindingly obvious.

Full Franchise Information

Blind Man of America is a window coverings franchise.

Blind Man of America Franchise Opportunities – History

Created by Tom Keller, a veteran of the window covering industry, the company is built upon over 20 years of experience in the creation and sales of blinds, shades and shutters. It is based in Colorado and notable features of the business include the van service that carries the products to the homes of customers and is known as the ‘blind mobile’. The franchise is currently operating branches in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Aspen, Vail Valley, Thornton and Fort Collins.

Blind Man of America Franchise Cost/Initial Investment/Franchise Income

The liquid capital required to open a franchise of Blind Man of America is $15,000. The franchise fee and income are unknown.

Blind Man of America Business Opportunities – Other Information

Blind Man of America accounts for its success with its professionalism and the variety of styles and products offered. These range from rustic treatments to traditional choices but the company intends to prove that merely having the goods is not enough. The founding principle of the company is to give the customer that which they most desire: better service than is offered by any other business operating in the industry.

The spirit of the company can best be summed up in the founder’s words: “We are in the service business. We just happen to sell blinds.”

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