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Borvin Beverage


Borvin Beverage is a wine importing and wholesaling franchise with the most exquisite wines from around the world among its distributed products. The company imports and distributes products from France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Argentina and California in order to ensure the best and most diverse selection of wines. The franchise operates with the aim of bringing rich, flavorful tastes to every connoisseur in every household in every state across the country.

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$71,000 - $76,000
Franchise fee


Borvin Beverage is a wine importing and wholesaling franchise.

Borvin Beverage Franchise Opportunities - History

Borvin Beverage was founded in 1985 in Delaware and extended its services to Virginia and Washington DC in 1857. The franchise started in 1993 when Donald L. Mikovch decided to extend the beverage wholesale and distribution services to the entire United States.

Borvin Beverage Franchise Cost/Initial Investment/Franchise Income

The franchise fee for starting a branch of Borvin Beverage is $10,000 and the liquid capital required is $250,000. The figures for estimated incomes are unknown.

Borvin Beverage Business Opportunities – Other Information

Borvin Beverage has the distinction of being the first and only wine wholesale franchise in the United States. The company aims to accelerate its patterns of growth and take full advantage of the boom in the US beverage industry.

The reason for the success of the company lies in wholesale. Being able to reach out to its customers directly saves the franchise from being constrained by a retail location. The aims of the franchise enable it to expand into different product lines. The company banks on wine however, because it is an easy product to sell since it involves a customer experiencing the product using all of their senses: tasting the flavor, smelling the bouquet and examining its color.

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