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Bounce Trampoline Sports offers the latest, most exciting fitness trend in America-jumping, training, working out and playing popular sports on massive courts of interconnected trampolines

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After years of extensive research we developed our first Bounce! Trampoline Sports facility (BTS) in Rockland County, NY and opened for business in November of 2011. Since then we’ve achieved phenomenal success and have garnered much national media attention for our unique park designs, creative innovations and distinctive brand. Our second venue, our current flagship at 52,000 sq. ft., opened in Syosset, New York in September 2013. Our now-proven experience with design, marketing, and management provides any franchise with all the tools necessary to become a successful Bounce! owner. From assistance with finding an appropriate location to opening your doors for business, our Franchise Team will be there to help you every step along the way to becoming a successful BTS Franchise owner. We encourage you to explore the opportunities we provide.

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Come join the fun! Bounce Trampoline Sports offers the latest, most exciting fitness trend in America-jumping, training, working out and playing popular sports on massive courts of interconnected trampolines.

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The Ideal Bounce Trampoline Sports Partner

The typical owner of a Bounce! jump park is an accomplished executive/entrepreneur with the desire to invest in a unique business that centers around FITNESS and FUN. The capital requirements can be relatively steep (see financial needs) but the rewards have proven well worth the risk. We look for partners that want to help develop our brand. A Bounce! Trampoline owner doesn’t need specific prior experience in a related field. We will provide all the training necessary to successfully build and run one of our parks.

Why Choose Bounce Trampoline Sports

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You have probably heard that as an investment opportunity, the indoor-trampoline-park industry is soaring. That is definitely true, with suitable locations being sought out all over the world. What does this mean to our franchise partners and us? It means it is extremely important to stand out from the pack. To accomplish this we’ve developed a distinctive brand name and image with a superior safety record and unique management style. The engineering and attention to detail we incorporate into the design and quality of our facilities is cutting edge and exceeds all ASTM Safety standards. We are, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and innovative franchise opportunities in the world today. WE STAND OUT. Visit one of our parks and see the difference.

Financial Requirements

A qualified franchise will need between $926,000 and $1,488,000 to properly fund the development of a Bounce! Trampoline Sports facility assuming a typical leased warehouse space between 25,000 and 40,000 sq. ft. in size. There will be differences in capital requirements depending on the size and condition of the facility prior to construction, the amount of tenant improvements provided for by a landlord, municipality permitting costs, or if purchasing a building becomes the chosen method. Bank financing is available. We are members of the Franchise Registry. And we have been approved for SBA (Small Business Association) lending.

Franchise Fees

Our initial franchise fee is $60,000 and our ongoing monthly royalty is 6% of gross revenue. In addition there is a monthly $150 web site maintenance fee. These fees go towards our overall services and include assistance with all of the following:

  • Site location and facility requirementsImage title

  • Municipality permitting

  • Complete facility design

  • Installation of all trampoline equipment

  • Marketing and advertising

  • 3 weeks of management and staff training (2 weeks at one of our facilities and 1 week at yours)

  • POS software choices

  • Our proprietary Operations Manual

  • On-going support

Our fees also include the use of all our trademarked logos, phrases and marketing materials, and will help us provide you with future innovations.

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