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Brew Thru


Offering a combination of quick pickups and convenient service, Brew Thru is a North Carolina institution that has been around for four decades and provides easy options to legally purchase alcohol. The company offers more than 120 different beers, along with the availability of kegs that are sized by either sixths (60 12-ounce servings), quarters (90 12-ounce servings) and a half keg (120 12-ounce servings.) Among that array of available beers are approximately 50 different craft beers that takes advantage of the growth within that market. Certain wines, snacks and tobacco products can also be picked up by customers. There is also souvenir merchandise offered, including hats, apparel and other local collectibles.

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Facts & Figures


While other food or coffee businesses may have a drive-thru, Brew Thru offers a unique convenience store format on this approach. This reversal of the usual visit to an establishment of this type has a Brew Thru employee walking around to pick up your selections and offering direct customer service.

Brief History of Brew Thru

Brew Thru first came to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 1977 when Dana and Becky Larentz opened for business. During the past 37 years, the name of the business has become such an iconic part of the landscape that the brand has essentially become a verb in the South to describe any similar type of facility. Franchising began in 2007 and now Brew Thru has locations across North Carolina, and is now run by the Larentz’s son-in-law Philip Foreman.

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