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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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Brickleys Property Solutions

Brickleys Property Solutions Franchise

Brickleys is invested in your success. We know first-hand that property management service standards are outdated, and the practices are broken. We created something better. Learn for yourself why Brickleys is the new standard that property management firms now aspire to.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$45,300 - $85,100
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Brickleys Property Solutions has one defining goal: **_mutual success.


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Our management team of seasoned investment and rental property owners built Brickleys with a foundational focus on tenant selection and cutting edge technology. Early on, we knew that in order to ensure consistent and profitable returns from income property, we must bring the “right” tenants together with the “right” properties. Combining this partnership with new technologies, unique to Brickleys, we have been able to precisely and effectively manage rental homes.

Additionally, our dedicated staff, automated systems, multiple payment options, and real-time issue reporting enables us to take the hassle out of property management, while putting the emphasis on ROI back in. Owners, franchisees, tenants, and service vendors all have access to our thorough reporting and tracking system, which ensures prompt reactions and detailed communications. By harnessing technology, we dramatically increase efficiency by digitizing the paper trails inherent in the business of property management.

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Market Outlook & Opportunity

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Timing is Everything

Above all else, the decision to enter a franchise industry is largely dependent on one thing. Growth. Without it, even the most passionate of ambitions will not reach their full potential. With rental management, when we commit to make our clients’ and our own portfolios more valuable, we find the benefits and efforts of our work are returned to us in business growth. Furthermore, as we grow in developing leading technology and techniques, the demand also grows.

Brickleys Property Solutions is poised to not only ride the steep demand curve for property management services, but to excel at it. In an industry stagnant with old methods for property management (loathed by owners and renters alike) we have emerged as a new industry alternative. Our fresh approach, technical efficiencies, and reach place us squarely among the leaders in the new and improved property management services market, and our earnings representations can prove it.

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Services Provided To Each Franchi se
  • Corporate Office Support
  • On-Site Sales Packet & Techniques
  • Exceptional Operations
  • Internet & Marketing Strategy
  • Technical Expertise & Tools
  • Protected Territories

SPECIAL OFFER: We are aggressively growing the southwest! Next 10 franchisees to come on board will get all Territory Fees waived! That's an upfront savings of up to $40,000 per full territory!


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