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BuildingStars is a commercial cleaning business differentiable through a unique patent pending business model that separates them from every other cleaning franchise. They have developed a unique training and management system called RisingStar. With RisingStar, everyone starts as a Cleaning Technician in small office buildings with limited responsibilities. From there, they follow a step-by-step process of training and advancement. As they advance, their responsibility increases from managing a small team in medium buildings to managing a fully developed staff in large buildings and Corporate Headquarters. Advancement is based on meeting a number of performance standards along the way and successfully completing a series of training programs throughout their advancement. BuildingStars combines the commitment of ownership with an advanced management system that builds experienced janitorial professionals.

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"The single most important factor in determining the value of your business will be the quality and type of the accounts that you service."

More and more people are discovering the opportunities in the commercial cleaning industry. It is a 70 billion dollar industry and growing. As a result there are more and more franchise options available to meet the growing demand. Much of your success will depend on choosing the right option. BuildingStars has a unique patent pending business model that separates us from every other cleaning franchise.

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