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Burger 21


Burger 21 is changing the way people think about fast casual burger restaurants. Though the restaurant chain originally started on the West Coast, it didn't take long before it spread to other parts of the country. It's nearly impossible to walk into one of the restaurants today without seeing dozens of happy and satisfied customers dining on craft burgers, shakes, fries and more topped with premium ingredients like marshmallow sauce, pickled cucumbers, and toasted brioche buns. Though still new to the franchise world, Burger 21 hopes to give customers a reason to sit down and enjoy something as simple as a burger and fries.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$442,083 - $1,064,395
Franchise fee


Burger 21 draws elements from classic diners and mixes those vintage elements with a contemporary and modern design that has a cozy and welcoming feel that diners love. Many of the locations of the chain are in areas that have a high level of foot traffic, which helps cut down on the advertising costs that new owners need to pay. Each Burger 21 location has three types of workers. Shakers make milkshakes and ice cream treats, Takers are responsible for taking orders and Movers refill customers' drinks and take care of their other needs.

Burger 21 Frachise History

Burger 21 was started in the 2009, byt the owners of The Melting Pot, a popular chain of restaurants that offered diners the chance to enjoy fondue dinners. When they saw the need for a chain of sit down hamburger restaurants, they decided to launch Burger 21. Though the chain opened with just one shop in one city, there are now restaurants in 44 states in America with opportunities for growth in every state.

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