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Buttercup Bake Shop


Buttercup Bake Shop is a store that sells high quality dessert products. Although cupcakes are easily the bake shop’s signature item, the shop also sells like cakes (available in many different flavors, layers, and frostings), cheesecakes, pies, puddings, and bars and squares. Wearable, branded merchandise is also available. Customers can place orders online in advance for pickup or delivery with a specified region in Manhattan. Buttercup Bake Shop’s creator says, “Buttercup Bake Shop lets you slow down and wile away an afternoon sipping your favorite beverage and enjoying some delectable, nostalgic treats that spell comfort and love.”

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Facts & Figures


Buttercup Bake Shop has undergone a slow, deliberate expansion to maintain the integrity of the brand. Despite a popular demand to do so, the owner expresses hesitation to allow stores to open far away from the central location of New York City where she cannot regularly perform quality control checks.

Buttercup Bake Shop Franchise Opportunities - History

Clinical psychologist Jennifer Appel could not ignore her culinary instincts. After work, she would bake to relax, ultimately deciding to switch to make baking her career. First, Appel opened Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village with a partner to sell a variety of desserts. Three years later, Appel decided to found a business of her own in Manhattan: Buttercup Bake Shop.

Buttercup Bake Shop Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Buttercup Bake

Shop Franchise Income

Since franchising opportunities appear to be limited, the particulars in regard to finances are not available at this time. To discuss franchising options and costs, interested parties should contact Buttercup Bake Shop executives directly.

Buttercup Bake Shop Business Opportunities: Other Information

Buttercup Bake Shop has received a lot of attention from the media like CNN, Fox, MTV, and The Today Show, as well as celebrities including Hilary Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Al Roker. Buttercup Bake Shop creator Jennifer Appel has a few cookbooks for sale that show customers how to make delicious desserts in their own homes as well.

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