Cellairis Device Repair Franchise

We offer smartphone and tablet repairs as well as produce a large selection of smart, sophisticated, fashionably fun accessories for those devices

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An industry leader in providing cutting-edge tech accessories, and mobile device repair services, Cellairis®, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is committed to offering a wide range of modern and sophisticated products. Cellairis® recognizes that consumers want their tech to match their lifestyle, and is dedicated to creating quality wireless accessories that are fun, fearless and fashionable. Customers across the world have access to Cellairis®’ vast array of wireless merchandise, as well as specialty services like customization and phone repair offered through mall-based kiosks and inline stores, and within big box anchors, such as Walmart®. Operating a unique franchise model, Cellairis® delivers exceptional service at each location globally.

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Cellairis® has the franchise opportunity you've been waiting for - take part in the booming mobile phone accessory business by becoming a Cellairis® franchisee today! Cellairis® offers what you need to succeed with our exceptional products and services that will keep your customers coming back.Image title

Whether it's designing their own phone case or choosing from the multitude of phone accessories, Cellairis® customers can showcase their individuality right from their phone! Interested in the phone repair business? Cellairis® will also provide you effective training tools to offer exceptional customer service for all your customers' need


Cellairis® is now proud to introduce it’s newest initiative: Store-In-Store with Walmart®!

CELLAIRIS® is bringing together three powerful forces to introduce this one-of-a-kind business opportunity, which combines:Image title

• Cutting-edge repair service in a vastly popular category: Mobile devices and electronics

• The expertise of a successful, experienced, highly-ranked existing franchisor: CELLAIRIS®

• The largest and most successful retailer in the world: Walmart®


  • A trusted, top-tier franchisor with the experience and infrastructure necessary to grow a franchise quickly and effectively 

  • Over a decade of expertise in the mobile device space 

  • A partnership with the largest retailer in the world - Walmart® - to provide a unique store-in-store opportunity with built-in traffic  

  • Time-tested training and operational models with experienced field support personnel and in-house customer service 

  • Multi-unit opportunities and absentee ownership possible Image title

  • Offers franchisees a low up-front investment with reasonable franchise fees, royalties, and ad fees 

  • Dramatic worldwide growth- international markets including Latin America, Canada, and the Middle East 

  • Clean, retail environment

  • Dual income streams: Mobile phone/tablet accessories and device repair services

  • Buying power of a major corporation aligning with warehouses all over the US

  • Turnkey business: be in operation within 30-90 days

Annual industry revenue $1 billion with projected growth of 4.9% Smartphone penetration will continue to grow Tablet penetration is now 30% of market and growing faster than any other smart device with higher repair marginProfitability will increase over next five years as repairs continue to see margin improvement accelerated by tablet penetration There are no companies with a dominant market share in the industry

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