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About Cheese Steak

The Cheese Steak Shop has been in business since 1982 and has been continuously serving the "Real Philly" style Cheese Steak Sandwich that has pleased Philadelphians for generations and now Californians for the last couple of decades. The ingredients are specially ordered (many from the East) to create the authentic and delicious "Real Philly" Cheese Steak. Specialty items such as Tastykakes are also brought in to re-create the "back home" ambiance for customers. The Cheese Steak Shop menu also features the Italian Hoagie, our "banquet on a bun", vegetarian sandwiches, assorted salads as well as a choice of 100% breast meat chicken for all the steak sandwich varieties. All their sandwiches are served on a delicious Amoroso roll-still baked and brought in from Philadelphia. All in all the company aims to provide the classic Philadelphian eating experience to its customers.

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