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Founders and owners, Daniel Hudon and Michael Procter, are the energizing, best friend duo who built the independent salon to be a reputable business known for quality hair service with a fun and retro edge. However, since sky rocketing to Network television and beyond, they have expanded with another shop and plan to take the Chop Shop around the world. This dynamic brand is not just a successful business but also an exciting way of life! The first Chop Shop was opened on April 1st 2005 on Granville St. In just under 5 years the visionary approach to Chop Shop business model has been realized, with two locations operating throughout the lower mainland and a new location to open in Victoria, BC fall 2011.

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About Us

Chop Shop is the original rock n' roll hair salon, famed for their nationwide reality television show appearing on Slice Network TV since 2008. Chop Shops are known for quality service with a fun edge, and innovative and progressive hairstyles for women and men. In their unique and vibrant 50's inspired atmosphere they do it all including classics from the past or current trend setting hairstyles inspired from a special era.

In just under 5 years the visionary approach to Chop Shop business model has been realized, with 3 locations in operation.With plans to take the Chop Shop around the world this dynamic brand is not just a successful business but also an exciting way of life!

Products and Services

The Chop Shop was developed to identify and benefit from the timeless style and spirit of the vintage rock 'n' roll culture. With an actual hot rod front end for a front desk at each location and red tool boxes for the hairstylist stations, it is like stepping into an actual 1950's garage. The colour scheme is simple, bright primary reds and yellows, with classic pin-ups designs between the stations to adorn the walls. Every hair station is customized with hand painted hot rod flames, giving an extra punch of bright colours. With a timeless and classic look, the shop will never have to be renovated to accommodate constantly changing trends, and will always have appeal to both the young and old.

Training and Support

Chop Shop has developed an extensive training and support program manual for the business, which explains the technical aspects of operating a successful shop. It is a crucial component of the Chop Shop mandate to ensure the highest quality of professional hair service is provided by all Chop Shop stylists and support staff.

Stay young and vibrant knowing that you are a part of an industry as old as time. Chop Shop's timeless design will insure that there will be little to no annual renovation cost. This coupled with non-perishable inventory and no accounts receivable, allows the salon to maximize profitability and lower the prize of operation.

Chop Shop and its unmistakable brand have an advantage of appealing to a unisex clientele of all ages. Chop Shop's retro style has an endless amount of creative marketing possibilities.

Ideal Candidate

Chop Shop is seeking exceptional candidates to operate new salon locations, in various territories throughout Canada and beyond.

We are looking for a passionate person who is young at heart and full of vigor. A love of rock n' roll and/or the hair industry is a must. We are looking for candidates who are results oriented, and able to lead a team in a high tempo, exhilarating environment. If you are looking at a franchise as a business investment opportunity or a career creation opportunity, you are to remain committed and hands on.

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