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CinnZeo offers customers baked cinnamon products created with their own unique processes. CinnZeo has provided customers from around the world with innovative cinnamon products and has created demand both locally in the United States and internationally in countries such as Qatar, Mexico, Canada and Saudi Arabia. The brand has a strong presence in the Middle East. The CinnZeo franchise experience starts with providing a friendly, supportive, and rewarding environment for our franchise partners, and ends with a warm, aromatic cinnamon experience for every CinnZeo guest.

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The founders of Cinnzeo got their start as franchisees for another cinnamon roll company in 1987. In the next 10 years, they opened 20 stores in Western Canada, but grew unhappy with the direction the company was aking. In 1997, the franchisees decided not to renew their contract and instead opened their own company. By 2000 Cinnzeo, now led by president Brian R. Latham, had grown from those original 20 stores to 64, expanding into the Philippines and parts of Southeast Asia.

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