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About Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers is a provider of in-home care for seniors. The intention is to allow the seniors to remain in their homes, living safely and independently, for as long as they can. Many seniors are capable of staying in their homes, they just need a little help sometimes. The Comfort Keepers professionals are available to assist the senior with tasks like housework, cooking nutritious meals, running errands, driving them to appointments, etc. Sometimes the older adults just want someone to talk to or have tea with. The senior is more active and engaged, which enhances their quality of life.

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What makes Comfort Keepers so different?

Comfort Keepers they treat their clients with respect and dignity as they would their own families. They offer services called interactive caregiving.  This helps seniors stay active and take charge of their own care.  The caregiver helps the senior with physical exercise to maintain strong muscles.  This has been known to reduce the risk of falling and getting hurt.  Caretakers play games with the clients, solve puzzles, and engage in mental activities so the senior can remain mentally sharp and alert enhancing quality of life.  Comfort Keepers professionals also provide other care as needed, such as, respite care, Alzheimer's disease or dementia care, end-of-life care, private duty nursing, as well as transitioning home care when the senior is released from the hospital to go home.

History of Comfort Keepers Franchise

In 1998, the founder of Comfort Keepers, Kris Clum, worked as a registered nurse in the home health care industry.  She realized that some of her patients would ask her to get them items like a loaf of bread or milk, take them to the doctor, etc.  As a nurse, she was only allowed to tend to their medical needs.  These special requests inspired her and her husband, Jerry Clum, Jr., to create the service they call Comfort Keepers


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