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Dream Dinners offers families access to home cooked dinners that they don't have to cook themselves. Dream Dinners locations exist across the country and provide an alternative for people who just don't have the time needed to cook healthy and delicious meals. The company also provides customers recipes and tutorials that they can use when cooking at home.

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The success of Dream Dinners relies on its ease and convenience. Customers have the option of purchasing meals ready to go or buying and making meals at one of its locations. Staff will work with each customer to find out what his or her family likes, and employees will then customize the meal for that family. Customers then schedule a time to come in and prepare one or more dinners that they can later cook at home. New customers can even make up to six dinners during their first appointments. They can also buy meals that have been prepared for them.

History of Dream Dinners

Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna ushered in what experts now call the meal assembly industry. Allen was already an expert in creating healthy frozen meals when she met Kuna, and the two started their company in 2002. TIME ran an article on the two not long after, which led to customers expressing interest in opening franchises of their own. Six months after opening the application process, the company added more than 30 new franchises. Though Dream Dinners has its headquarters in Washington, it has franchise shops operating in 30 states with plans for new shops to open.

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