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DRY-B-LO is the first and largest professionally installed deck drain system company in the U.S. Grant Moore's family had spent a lot of time and money building a deck and pouring concrete underneath it, but the area below was useless whenever it rained because water poured in. Moore knew there must be a way to keep the space below the deck dry. After working with an engineering firm for two years, Moore developed a drainage system that would not leak or collect debris. He filed patents and in 1993 founded Dry-B-Lo International Inc. to install his patented system of channels. This system, which is installed below a raised deck, helps convert a wet, unusable space into a dry, outdoor living space.

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DRY-B-LO Designer Deck Drain System is one of the nation's fastest-growing franchise companies in the booming home improvement industry. We currently offer "exclusive territory" opportunities to qualified individuals. Our comprehensive training program provides business management, sales and technical instruction and a strong, on-going support system. No construction or trade experience is required.

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