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Esio Beverage System


Esio Beverage System is a new technology that enables to make both hot and cold drinks from the same machine. The flavorful drinks, each containing fewer than 5 calories per serving, that an Esio Beverage System can serve includes coffee, tea, fruit juice, purified water, and even vitamin water. Each beverage can be brewed in a matter of seconds in a single machine at 2/3 the cost of comparable drinks in the stores. In other words, Esio Beverage System helps consumers to save time, money, and kitchen space. To make each beverage, drinkers purchase Esio-paks, which can be delivered directly to the customer’s home and stored inside the machine.

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$70,700 - $100,700
Franchise fee


Based out of Mesa, Arizona, the Esio Beverage System is a private beverage franchise that focuses on selling the device and beverage packets to homes and offices.

Esio Beverage System Franchise Opportunities - History

In 2005, Frank Leonesio was introduced to a new coffee dispenser product. Wanting to differentiate it from other similar products on the market, Leonesio opted to install the technology in a hot & cold water cooler instead, thus giving users a chance to have a beverage of whatever their desired temperature. Esio Beverage System is Leonesio’s 10th start-up company, and the one he says he is the most excited about.

Esio Beverage System Franchise Cost /Initial Investment/ Esio Beverage

System Franchise Income

An Esio Beverage System franchisee should have $43,000 in liquid assets, with a total net worth of $300,000. To be an Esio regional developer, the amount jumps to $250,000 in liquid assets with a $500,000 net worth. More specific information is not currently available.

Esio Beverage System Business Opportunities: Other Information

Esio Beverage System’s website lists several “essential characteristics” for successful franchisees: passion for products, sales, planning and execution, self-motivated and positive attitude, communication and customer service, and character and integrity. An Esio Beverage System has special marketability to customers who care about the environment. By brewing their own drinks from minimal packaging, they reduce the need for countless plastic bottles or aluminum cans for each beverage.

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