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G-Star Raw Denim


G-Star RAW Denim has turned denim clothing into an all-occasion fashion while leading many innovations in expanding the use of denim by incorporating high-quality craftsmanship with urban edge. G-Star, as the company is known, has always focused strictly on denim, but its fashions have never been restricted to blue jeans. Rather, the company has successfully turned denim into a material equally regarded with leather and cotton in crafting smart, sexy clothing products that can be worn to a rave, a rally, a rendezvous or a regal soiree.

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$1,484,066 - $2,611,681
Units in operation


G-Star RAW, originally named Gap Star, is a Dutch clothing company with flagship stores in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Australia, and the Netherlands. The retailer has more than 6,000 locations worldwide.

G-Star Raw Denim Franchise Opportunities – History

G-Star, which was founded in 1989 as Gap Star, changed its name to G-Star RAW upon going international. The company has innovated many new styles as it has expanded worldwide, and was the first to introduce “Raw Denim” style jeans, in 1996. The company has been featured several times at the New York Fashion Week and has earned a place of high respect among designers and fashion aficionados.

G-Star Raw Denim Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / G-Star Raw Denim

Franchise Income

According to latest available figures, the total investment to open a G-Star RAW Denim franchise ranges from $1.067 million to $1.54 million. The franchise fee starts at 25,000 Euro.

G-Star Raw Denim Business Opportunities: Other Information

A high-profile lineup of celebrities have modeled for G0-Star, including Liv Tyler, Josh Belmonte and Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Others, such as Justin Bieber and Tom Delonge frequently wear the brand publicly, providing, in their way, effective marketing. G-Star is known for dedication to fine craftsmanship in their clothing products and is looked upon to lead new innovations in denim.

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