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Global Financial Training Program


Global Financial Training Program will train you to run your own business, arranging loans for businesses who need money to grow. You will get paid up to 15% for every deal you make, creating the potential for unlimited income!

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Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


Make an Unlimited Income Working Where and When You Want

"Global, puts you in your own finance company and enables you to make business loans of up to $500,000,000 or more while earning between 1% and 15% commissions.”

Earning a six figure income and having a great lifestyle isn't hard when

you know how to work smart. The trick is to find someone who is able to guide you.

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I'm Phil Dushey, CEO and Founder of the Global Group of finance companies. Changing your career midstream is a big deal. Just like you, I was once hungry to move on and up. That’s why I formed Global over 30 years ago.

Did you know that 90% of companies seeking money from banks are turned down, that these people must find capital for their businesses, and that YOU can be in the business of solving this problem? That's what I have done for more than 3 decades and that’s what I want to share with you. We are the acknowledged leader in the business of successfully putting people in their own “Commercial” Financial Company.

  • We teach people how to arrange loans to businesses who need money to grow.
  • We provide outside sources for that money meaning you don't have to go through us.
  • We arrange pre-approvals so large lending institutions are willing and anxious to provide you with unlimited capital for your clients.
  • We show you how to do this completely risk free while getting paid up front by these lenders.
  • We show you how to get customers.
  • We give you everything you need to get off to a running start.
  • We provide 100live leads of real people on the phone ready to discuss obtaining a loan from the minute you get home.

A Great Opportunity for Anyone Seeking an Unlimited Income and an

Extraordinary Lifestyle

You are about to make a mighty important decision. The very first question you must ask about any business is:

"Do I have the potential in this business to make an unlimited income?"...YES!

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The answer is YES. The commercial finance market is a trillion-dollar industry serving an estimated 30 million businesses.

We teach you how to offer capital (between $10,000 to $500 million+) to every type of business while realizing fees of up to 15%. You never use your own money. We provide dozens of sources who will already have approved you as an "official" lender and you are never at risk of losing fees...period! That was one of the most important reasons I selected this industry over 30 years ago. And, it was the best decision of my life.

The next critical question is:

"Will my lifestyle improve?"...YES!

If you are leading the typical employee's life it almost certainly will. You will be able to set your own hours without having to work in any particular place. As long as you have your cell phone or digital device you are ready to go. You can be traveling, working anywhere you want,'s all very feasible in this business. Let me give you some details.

“What about market size and finding clients?” Huge and simple!

Over 30 million businesses in America seek capital each year and as mentioned over 90% must look to sources other than banks. The great news is over 50-70% of those companies qualify for your fundig options. We not only show you how to easily find them but we give you 100 live leads who are on the phone interested in obtaining a loan the day you finish the training.

Ongoing Support, No Extra Fees No Royalties

You Work For Yourself... Not a Franchise!

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We've been in business for 35+ years and we have dealt with just about any issue that comes up. We are here every business day to help you grow your business. Your success is our success. Our training program allows you to hit the ground running.

We do not take any fees or royalties. What you make is yours. Face it. Buying a franchise is like buying an 8AM to 10PM job. It's probably harder than your current job with more responsibility, risk, cost and headaches. On top of which they take fees and royalties.

Act Now! Isn't it Time to Change Your Life, Earn What You Know You Deserve

and Be the Master of Your Own Time

We cannot possibly tell you all you need to know on this page. This is a great opportunity. If you are thinking about changing your career or supplementing your income fill out the form below and get started learning about an opportunity that can absolutely change your life.

Imagine taking calls from any place you want, any time you want. You set your hours. Go on vacation and take a call that could pay for the whole vacation. Take it easy at home and talk to clients, each of whom could mean thousands in income.

Our classes fill up quickly. This is an easy business to enter. All you need is the ability to listen and take an interest in your client's situation and business. Give us a call today. There's no pressure, just good informative answers that could change your life.

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