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GO Airport Shuttle is the largest airport shuttle company in the world, serving more than 70 airports across the globe

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About Go Airport Shuttle

Every GO location is locally owned and operated, insuring personal, customer-oriented service. GO Airport Shuttle takes pride in its service as the most economical, convenient and safe way to get to and from the airport, wherever customers happen to live, as well as providing friendly, prompt service every time. Through its online reservation system accessible from anywhere in the world, GO provides maximum convenience.

Full Franchise Information

GO Airport Shuttles transport some 8 million passengers to and from the airports served by the company, operating a fleet of more than 2,500 vehicles. The company announced a 67 percent increase in sales last year, and expected to top $4 million in sales at year-end.

Countries served by GO Airport Shuttles include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, England, France, Czech Republic and Italy.

Go Airport Shuttle Franchise Opportunities – History

GO Airport Shuttle was formed in 2007 as a consortium of independent transportation companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Italy, Scotland and Spain, becoming the world’s largest door-to-door airport shuttle company. GO Airport Shuttle is an outgrowth of GroundNet, an association of airport transportation companies founded in 1993.

Go Airport Shuttle Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Go Airport Shuttle Franchise Income

For franchise costs and fees to open a GO Airport Shuttle franchise location, contact GO at 877-544-4646.

Go Airport Shuttle Business Opportunities: Other Information

In 2012, GO companies in several U.S. cities are converting all or part of their fleets to alternative fuels, either compressed natural gas or propane, both of which burn cleaner and more efficiently than gasoline or diesel fuels, and boosting fuel mileage. The conversions are saving around $2 per gallon.

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