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Hallmark Homecare offers affordable non-medical senior in-home care for 30% less than average

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About Hallmark Homecare

Hallmark Homecare performs all of the extensive client and caregiver functions and assumes all liability! The franchisee partner (franchisee) focuses on strategic marketing.

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Hallmark Homecare Franchise Partners operate a much more focused business than those running traditional senior care companies. In essence, Franchise Partners “partner” with Hallmark Homecare in the marketing of senior care services and the delivery of quality direct-hire caregivers.

The Franchise Partner’s business focuses on strategic marketing efforts, client lead generation, building a robust network of Referral Partners, and maintaining ongoing relationships with clients and client sources.

Meanwhile, Hallmark Homecare HQ handles all of the extensive client and caregiver fulfillment processes on behalf of the Franchise Partner, allowing the Franchise Partner to remain focused on the very things that make them money: networking, lead generation and follow-up.

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