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Hamburger Mary's Bar & Grille


Hamburger Mayr's focuses on providing low-fat beef, farm fresh poultry, crisp salads as well as a range of traditional American desserts. All Hamburger Mary's locations have a full bar as well as children portioned food fare. All Hamburger Mary locations are slightly different, incorporating the owners specific personality and regional favorites. Ultimately, as a Hamburger Mary's owner, one can rely on a recognizable brand and established business strategy and still institutionalize a personal style and ambiance.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$250,000 - $1,000,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Hamburger Mary's is a privately owned business, currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. With 40 years in the business and locations across the country, Hamburger Mary's is a fun place to grab a juicy burger, down a nice cool beer and have fun with the family and friends.

Hamburger Mary's Franchise Opportunities - History

In 1972, a band of hippies in California concocted the idea of a bar and restaurant that had a relaxed feel and provided great late-night food and drinks in an eclectic atmosphere. Quickly becoming a popular hangout for homosexuals, Hamburger Mary embraced the community and strived to create an atmosphere where eccentric and artistic people can feel relaxed, no matter the sexual orientation. Hamburger Mary's had experienced both fortune and failure, with many locations quickly opening, closing and even reopening again and even losing the original location in San Francisco. By 2007 the business was under new ownership and soon after 10 locations quickly opened. Currently there are over 10 U.S. locations and Hamburger Mary's is looking to expand into Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Western Europe.

Hamburger Mary's Bar & Grill Franchise Cost / Initial Investment /

Hamburger Mary's Franchise Income

Hamburger Mary's has an initial investment cost ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000, which includes the initial franchise fee of $50,000. Hamburger Mary's also has a royalty fee of 4% for the first month the location earns $150,000 and a 3% on every monthly gross above $150,000. All interested franchise partners must have a minimum of $200,000 net worth and a minimum of $75,000 in liquid cash available. Currently, there is no estimated annual revenue for any Hamburger Mary's location.

Hamburger Mary's Bar & Grill Business Opportunities: Other Information

Won 2011 Eater Award, presented by Patron Tequila, mainly for the flamboyant and energetic character that the Hollywood, California location exudes.

Accepted 2012 Eco-Andersonville award

Named small business of the year in 2012 by MBA Orlando, a GLBT focused Chamber of Commerce


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