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Hardee’s is fast food chain owned and operated by CKE Restaurants

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Hardee’s is fast food chain owned and operated by CKE Restaurants. The fifth largest restaurant chain in the United States, Hardee’s is known for their hamburgers, milkshakes, French fries and homemade biscuits. The “Thickburger” campaign introduced one-third, one-half and two-third pound burgers to menu, making it a tough competitor with other franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King. With over three thousand restaurants today, Hardee’s is expanding its Southeastern popularity across the country and world.

Hardee’s success stems from its small town roots and incredible expanding menu. Growth was rapid with the constant introduction of new menu items, like the Huskee Junior and the Deluxe Huskee burgers in the 1970s. With its charbroiled patties and “unique” sauce, these menu items began to define the taste of Hardee’s. The made from scratch biscuit recipe that also began in the 1970s is another homemade menu item that showcases the unique flavors that makes Hardee’s a successful franchise. To this day, Hardee’s restaurants are required to have the tools to make the made from scratch biscuits. Hardee's menu has expanded even further; today, the chain serves classics like "Thickburgers" and "Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes & Malts™" and new items, like fried chicken and breakfast.

In 1960, Wilber Hardee opened his first restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina. Named after himself, the restaurant grew to a franchise just five months after his first restaurant opened. The second franchise, also located in North Carolina, was just the beginning of the success Hardee's would see. By the 1980s, Hardee’s had over two thousand restaurant chains open in the Southeast and Midwest. Before 2003, Hardee’s was most well known for its homemade, fresh biscuits; in 2003, the company decided to focus on its Angus beef burgers. The quick growing franchise became a staple in the fast food industry with its quality food and small, southern roots.

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