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Hawkinson Tread Service


Hawkinson Tread Service is a developer and provider of re-treading services, with over 15 different treads currently available and thousands of patented treads and tire testing processes; Hawkinson has survived over 80 years and is facing new life in an ever growing community effort to be environmentally aware. Today, the Hawkinson re-treading process focuses on extending the life of the tire casing (by avoiding excessive heat to the sidewalls or the bead), utilizing match-mated treads (to evenly distribute the weight on each tire), and providing professional assessment to help all customers find the right tire for the right job.

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Hawkinson Tread is a privately owned business that was founded in St. Michael, Minnesota. With a focus on providing high quality re-treading services as well as tire testing, Hawkinson Tread Services uses an innovative re-treading process that is much more reliable and durable in comparison to the pre-cure technique.

Hawkinson Tread Services Franchise Opportunities - History

Hawkinson Tread (originally the Paul E. Hawkinson Co.) was founded in 1931 by Paul Hawkinson, a man dedicated to re-treading. Hawkinson helped develop a band-type mold system (at that time a revolutionary process) for curing caps. By the mid-1940s, the business doubled, thanks to a huge demand increase, and by the late 1950s, over 900 Hawkinson franchise locations existed, all focusing on passenger tires. In the 1980s the re-treading industry faced difficulties, and over 8,000 re-treading locations closed across the country. The development of radial-ply tires pushed many companies to find new molds to meet the change in tire size. At this time, Hawkinson joined together with an engineering firm and together they developed a cost effective, high quality re-treading testing machine, enabling businesses to find any flaws within any tire casing before the re-treading process begins. By 1993, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act mandated that all government use vehicles receive re-treading of tires, among other conservation efforts and at the end of the 20th century, Hawkinson was purchased by Branick Industries Incorporated. Currently, Hawkinson maintains over 2020 patents, ensuring the companies positions as a worldwide innovator. With a focus on being environmentally friendly and cost effective, Hawkinson’s only uses 7 gallons of oil to re-tread a tire, instead of 15 gallons that is used to create a brand new tire. Today there are ten Hawkinson Tread Service locations, one owned by the business and located in Maple Grove, Minnesota (not far from the headquarters office) and nine franchise locations scattered across the U.S. and Canada. Hawkinson Tread is currently looking to expand further into Canada and have more regional locations in the United States.

Hawkinson Tread Services Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Hawkinson

Tread Services Franchise Income

The initial investment to open a Hawkinson Service location ranges from $165,000 to $680,000. There is currently no other franchise investment information available about Hawkinson Tread, including the initial franchise fee, minimum financial requirement for all franchise applicants and the estimated annual revenue for any Hawkinson franchise location.

Hart Health Business Opportunities: Other Information

2010 Top 25 Franchise recipient FROM Minneapolis Business Journal Raymond P. Hawkinson, Jr. received the 2010 Hall of Fame Award by the TIA (Tire Industry Association) for his development in non-destructive testing and his dedication to advancing the re-treading industries methods and standards.


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