HealthyYOU Vending Business Opportunity

HealthyYOU Vending machines offer busy consumers in offices, health clubs, school campuses, hospitals, and other high-traffic areas quick access to healthy snacks and drinks. HealthyYOU’s in-house experts help owners identify prime locations for their machines, which can be monitored 24/7 from anywhere via web.

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About HealthyYOU Vending

HealthyYOU Vending machines serve snack and beverage products that meet busy consumers' growing demand for healthy food choices. Stocked with products in the All-Natural, Organic, 0 Trans Fat, and Antioxidant categories, the machines are placed in offices, health clubs, hospitals, hotels, schools & colleges, and more. These sleek machines accept modern payment methods including credit, debit, and smartphone. Operators get 24-hour remote monitoring of their machines' sales and inventory levels.

Full Business Opportunity Information

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“Join the healthy vending revolution with HealthyYOU Vending! The demand for healthy food choices is exploding.  We secure your locations.  Don’t miss this opportunity.”

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It’s just getting started, so hold on! More and more people are becoming interested in living healthier lifestyles and are becoming educated about what they should eat. “All-Natural”, “Organic”, “0 Trans Fat”, and “Antioxidants” are the hot buttons of this ever-increasing, high demand market. Now you can be rewarded by filling this need with the HealthyYOU Vending opportunity.

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The Health Craze is Only Getting Healthier!

How? Here are the facts:

  • America is quickly becoming a nutrition-conscious nation because Americans are choosing a healthier lifestyle

  • Americans are eating healthier at home and are looking for those same healthy options in vending as well

  • In a recent report, consumption of carbonated, sugared drinks dropped by 2.6% but consumption of flavored and enhanced waters increased by over 30%

  • Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kellogg and other long established companies are introducing new healthy and organic products like never before

  • Healthy/organic product producers represent the fastest growing segment of the vending product industry

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